What Is The Achieve Card

Overview of the Achieve Card

The AchieveCard is a prepaid debit card that gives you the convenience of a credit card without the hassles of credit or a traditional bank account.  If you’ve received a free Achieve Card in the mail you are not obligated to open an account.  There are no costs or impacts to your credit if you choose not to use the card (you may simply destroy the card or save it for later use).  If you decide to use the card you can load your own money onto the AchieveCard and use it at anywhere that accepts credit or debit cards. You can also pull cash out of ATMs and pay your bills online.  The Achieve Card is also an easy way to receive your tax refund or Social Security payment.

How does it work?

The Achieve Card works like a debit card you would have with a traditional bank account, however if you run out of funds the card simply stops working (no hidden overdraft fees).  Loading funds onto a card is easy.  You can put cash onto the card at more than 50,000 retail outlets across the United States.  The easiest way to keep your card loaded is by setting up direct deposit of your paycheck – Direct deposit is free and easy to set up.

How do I load Cash?

You can load cash at any of the stores below, or check out this complete list of loading locations.

  • Walmart
  • CVS
  • Walgreens
  • Kmart

To load cash at a retail location you’ll us a Green Dot “MoneyPak”. MoneyPaks are usually located near or next to the cash checkout.  Hand the “MoneyPak” and the cash you want to load to the cashier, and then call the toll-free number on the back of the Money Pak to put the funds onto your Achieve Card.

How do I load with Direct Deposit?

Your employer can deposit a fixed amount, or the entire amount, of your paycheck onto your Achieve Card, just like direct deposit with a traditional checking account.  Here is a link to the direct deposit set up form for your Achieve Card.  The Achieve Card is also an easy way to receive your tax refund if you don’t have a bank account.

What does the Achieve Card cost?

The fees for using the Achieve card are straightforward and reasonable.  $9.95 per month and $2 when you pull cash out of an ATM are the main fees.  There are no fees for purchases or deposits, and customer service calls are free.  Also, the customer service department is staffed here in the USA.

How much can you load onto the Achieve Card at any one time?

A minimum of $20 to a maximum of $500 can be loaded with each MoneyPak.  You can load up to $10,000 on your Achieve Card at one time with a direct deposit or Tax Refund.

More info about the Achieve Card is available at www.achievecard.com.

You can read actual comments from Achieve Card customers at http://achievecardtestimonials.com.